Top tips for staying healthy when travelling

Top tips for staying healthy when travelling

Top tips for staying healthy when travelling

18 Mar 2020 Travel Tips
Regardless of recent worldwide events, it’s always good to have a few ideas of how to stay healthy while traveling. We look forward all year to our trips away, be it with family, friends or on our own for an adventure.


The last thing any of us need or want after working hard to save $’s is to get struck down with a bug or lurgy that stops us making the most of our precious vacation moments. So after doing the research on your behalf I wanted to share with you some of the top tips I’ve learned along the way during my travels.


Water, water and more water …. When flying we get so dehydrated, so avoiding alcohol (however tempting it may be) and sticking to aqua is going to help you feel so much more refreshed and raring to go when you reach your destination. Keep a small moisturiser and facial spritz to keep your skin well hydrated on your flight also, as our poor skin suffers on long haul.


Consider taking a longer stop over on your long haul flights to avoid the dreaded jet lag, splitting the flight can help, even just a few hours of fresh air can make all the difference to tricking our body clocks when we get into a different time zone… as someone from the UK stopping off in Dubai for a while has always helped me lots when I’m leaving my home in Perth to go back to old Blighty…. (The shopping always helps as well ;) )


Now it may be hard to come by right now, but future readers when the world has calmed down and refrained from going slightly bonkers, hand sanitiser is always a must, It's hugely effective in preventing the spread of bacteria and can be used before and after meals – as well as if you're ever away from a shower for slightly longer than you'd like.


Bottled Water and no ice in your drinks…. Now I know those cocktail slushies are heaven in a glass, and when you are visiting a more tropical destination a long tall drink packed with ice is super tempting, but I really would recommend sticking to this one, you don’t want to be spending your vacation running to the nearest bathroom every few minutes it will certainly take the edge off of the sightseeing.


Be sun smart, us Aussies are pretty good at keeping on top of the slip, slap, slop but it’s always on my list of ways to keep healthy while your away… sunstroke is no joke and different climates can throw us off kilt and “holiday mode” can often see us neglecting what we would practise as the norm at home.

Hope you have enjoyed a few of my top tips guys and feel free to share with me any you may have picked up along the way

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